2 November 2019 – 30 April 2020

Bunker, Turin – Italy

Algo:ritmi. When code becomes art is a new project where experimental music, live coding, and immersive videoinstallations create a new cutting edge and innovative language between clubbing and contemporary art.

Live performances, interactive installations, electronic music sets with a specific focus on coding and on its artistic and educational applications give life to an audio-visual crossdisciplinary meeting, exploring a new way to live alternative cultural spaces outside the institutional context.

From November 2 to April 2020, workshops, talks, exhibitions, live sets will animate the peripherical venue Bunker in Turin, known for its devotion to club culture as well as contemporary languages.

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2 november 2019

Performance live

Raw͠ hybrid a/v set
Cyberspeak Music, REALIA, Portals Editions

Train To Eltanin
Giuseppe Amarù, Leone Ciocchetti

Yellows (Ale Stirner, M_oo)


Special guest: Project-To presents [id]entity – Live Coding + Live Video

Guest project: Cyberspeak Music

Interactive installations
Rajan Craveri

Giorgio Alloatti

Visual: Visualboy, Deltaprocess

A project by Associazione culturale Passepartout

In collaboration with Associazione Variante Bunker

Supported by Regione Piemonte

Founder and artistic direction: Karin Gavassa

In collaboration with Edoardo Salviato e Giorgio Alloatti

Public engagement program Lorena Tadorni


Dams Univeristy of Turin


Audio HackLab
Fablab Torino
IIS Bodoni Paravia
È – arte, formazione, cura.
Tempo Reale