The artist that refused to take his mask off

Who are you? And what do you do? 

Hey guys, I’m Earl the Kid. I’m a professional donut eater and I make people dance in my spare time 

Which are your musical backgrounds and your early influences?

I came from the heavy metal scene then I moved to drum and bass for a years but I realized after that I love Dubstep/Trap. My genre is actually called “Hybrid Trap” because it’s a finest mixture between them two genres.

Can you tell us how your new song is born and what your workflow is?

I love to challenge myself in every project I jump into. “Crossover” is something that goes beyond the normality that’s why I suggest to listen to it in the dark/night time.

Everything that I’m doing music wise has a deep meaning like the mask, the titles, the artworks (@hillyhd)

We saw your US tour, how did it go? Do you have any episode that you remember and you would like to share with us?

It was absolutely insane! I couldn’t imagine such a warm welcome to the states like that. I gotta say a huge thanks to my team: Aria MGMT, my graphic designer and also one of my closest friends HillyHD, my photographers and especially the crowd.

A funny episode was at Liquid (Madison, WI), when I gave donuts to the crowd and couple of them started to fight to get one haha I wished I had more donuts to giveaway (Sup Dunkin’ Donuts)

Do you think your music genre could be related to fashion? Do you feel influenced by fashion when you create your music?

Oh yeah definitely! I always wear total black outfits including matching accessories. It reflects everyone’s personality but honestly it’s kinda the opposite so my music influences my choices about fashion.

What we should expect from your future?

I’m currently working on loads of projects, collaborations all over the world.

I’ll never change my music genre because it’s strictly related to my actual alter ego.

One day I’ll take my mask off (maybe haha).

Why should we follow you? Which is your peculiarity?

My mask is the reflection of my dark side, I got told I’m mysterious and low key even on a daily basis. Music doesn’t necessarily have to have a pretty young face to expose in order to sell more records.

Name two artists we have to follow and why

That’s such a difficult question for me!

Well, first of all, Depeche Mode simply because they are legends. 30 years later will appear a duo called Drab Majesty: same wave of DM but with a 21st century kick, even more goth if you pass me the term.

I wanna conclude with ATLIENS, my current inspiration. I started to listen to them ages ago and I’m quite surprised that now we chat sometimes on instagram haha.

Thanks No Future for the opportunity.

One love, 

Earl The Kid