She defines herself as a “dumb bitch from Croatia, raised in North Carolina, morally destroyed in Milan and currently picking up the pieces in Los Angeles”. Her alter-ego is a pregnant drunk internet icon who doesn’t have a name, it was taken away from her when she got pregnant. Now she’s just “mom”. It pisses lots of people off on the internet. It’s fun!

Parents all around the world are worried that their kids can take you as a role model. Who was your role model when you were a teenager?

My role model was the one girl in town who had blue hair. Eventually she disappeared and rumour has it she hopped trains across the country. I like to think that she owns a strip club in Portland now. I probably only became punk to impress her but she never noticed me. The romance!

Is political correctness dead? Did you kill it?

“Political Correctness” killed my Instagram and my Facebook page, for a hot minute. I had to send in appeals and guest star on “Law and Order” to get them back. There’s lots of legit scary and violent and hateful stuff online but I guess people are most scared of pregnant women than anything. Makes sense!

Your Instagram bio says: more stupid than pretty. In a time where girls still tend to prefer to be judged by their appearance, it seems like you don’t care what other people think about you. In your opinion, is being funny an empowering way to be seen as human being and less as an object?

Every day I wonder: does being funny make me less hot or does being hot make me less funny? Either way life sux so wear a thong and take a tequila shot yaaaaas kwan!!!

What is the concept behind the idea of #anticomedy and @standupsucks?

I love doing comedy, aka being on a stage and forcing a group of people to pay attention to me. But I hate comedy clubs and comedians. The world of comedy is for people who can’t get into the parties I go to. The parties I’ve worked very hard to be welcome at! Why sacrifice that in order to watch other people’s shitty sets and drink crappy beer every night? So I started @standupsucks to tell “stand up” jokes around town rather than in the comedy “scene.” I know I’ll never get my NETFLIX special but I guess I can live with that.

Year 2080. Donatella Versace is half robot half neural material stored in a computer. She calls you to help to rebuild the fashion system from the foundations since it was destroyed after the big war of influencers VS haters VS the world. You survived because you joined the resistance. Would you accept the call and betray your new family or not? If yes, what would you do to help Donatella?

I’d betray anyone for Donatella. I tell myself that I have standards and a moral compass but I don’t when it comes to my icons! I’d help Donatella channel the apocalypse into a new line of clothes that look better dirty and create their own Versace perfume from your body odor.

Is Winkle your legitimate child? Was she adopted? People are dying to know the truth!

Winkle was a street dog in Puerto Rico. She sold drugs and her ass to get by until mamma picked her up and took her to Brooklyn, then Milan, then LA…next, who knows? She’s a wordly girl and loves every dog except for the designer ones who are a little bit stupid, if you ask us.

What do you choose between Chateau Marmont and Macao?

The music and people are better at Macao but the bathrooms and drugs at better at Chateau…as a girl who loves taking a coke poop, you know the answer to that.

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