Victim backlash, notoriety and homophobia in 2019

We don’t even know how to start because we are surely too hopeful, too naive and when these things happen it just hurts so much we would like to just stay silent.

But silence is not always right. Saturday night August 10th, 2019 @lucawegan was beaten outside @deseo54 a famous gay club in Valencia.
Luca and Andrea (@andy.savino) were waiting for Luca’s boyfriend in front of the club, smoking a cigarette, to get inside altogether when a Spanish guy approached Andrea and started to annoy him. Luca tried to defend his friend and that’s when maybe thanks also to the high level of alcohol the guy started a fight. At this point, according to the witnesses, a group of people joined this first individual, from the video you can see two friends holding him to avoid the worst, in the meanwhile, a girl screamed something to the two victims.
The situation collapsed when they started to beat Luca. The man that was holding the first aggressor, walked away, probably because he didn’t want any connection to this fact.
Fortunately, the guys that took the footage of the fight started to threatening them to call the police and they stopped. The police was called afterward and the victims had to report the aggression with Italian consulate.

Luca now is fine, except for few wounds on his body and a terrible experience.

It’s very dangerous nowadays to be yourself due to political facts that are influencing the communities around us. Only a couple of days ago Yelena Grigoryeva was killed after they put her name on a website/hunt for homosexual, bisexual and transgender people. In 2017 twenty seven men were executed by Chechen security forces in a single night in an anti-gay purge.
The list of country where being gay is against the law is incredibly high but Spain is not one of them, this is why the mayor of Valencia Joan Ribó, commented the attack on his Twitter account: “between all of us we are building a city that is recognized by values that we are proud of and that are opposed to what this aggression represents”.

Luca was accused here and there on social networks to do that “for the gram”, or to behave in a certain way after the accident to grow his following. People are losing their humanity. Someone wrote to us as well, saying that it was all fake or worst, that they knew a different version of the story. Someone even commented that it’s ok if a gay guy is beaten.

We need to educate ourselves better to humanity and to recognize the sources in the net. It’s easy nowadays to just point the finger at and most of the time the people that are accused of “looking for notoriety” are the victims (just like the #metoo movement as well).

We are happy to hear that he is recovering and we do appreciate different opinions but hate speech and ignorance are not admitted, we want this to be a safe place for everyone.

We’re still hopeful for the future.