Feeling dissociated is easy in a place where everyone is looking at their screens and this is why the work of TrashyMuse and Filter Muse is so important: they created a new whole subculture based on the elevation of the human through the digital medium of internet.

And since I remember my teenage time as a metalhead – punk rocker wannabe (I was more an emo kid anyway btw) I remember well the feeling to have a second chosen family. It’s all about the community.

We are now experiencing the destruction of the borders between soul and technology in a visually appealing way through facial filters and digital models and most important thing INCLUSIVITY.

Fashion is making its step towards these critical times but sometimes the iter it follows is still too classical, too bonded to the concept of Gods fashion designers, crying mean girls interns and superficiality spilled like champagne.

The formula used for this first fashion show in Paris is the newest ever seen: a wall of screens, in this case, owned by EP7 Paris, where everyone from the street was able to see the exhibition. A new form of social inclusivity and no hassle far away ages from the neverending queue, RSVP, front row owned by fashion influencers that we are used to seeing during fashion week. Model showcased were as well different in any sort of way, glossy humanoids, green skin, black girls, Asiatic models: the designers had set a place for everyone.

People with quality following or power of information (the now famous CLOUT already quoted by New Life AI) were integrated into the show as works of art. In fact, do you remember the boom of facefilters? If not, let me recap: before there was Snapchat. Then it became “cringe” because literally, everyone from adult to teenagers all over the world was using, god please forgive me, the overly (in)famous dog ears – tongue out filter. Now in 2019, we are lucky enough to be experiencing the next fast forward phase: the artistic use of face filters through digital art. And Filter Muse, the “daughter” of Trashymuse is the pioneer of this phase.


The main problem with social media networks today is that even if you create a huge following, quality traffic, and engagement most of the times is not enough anymore. Followers and potential customers are not stupid as some fellas out there think, they appreciate evolution in every shape and form because this is where humans are good: at transform – everything – slowly. The incorporation of ideas and the creation of new concepts are the main moving engine of the creative industry and of the whole global movement based on conveying emotions. And this is where brands and company should start to invest more.

To conclude: people and customers want and need to be stimulated in every sort of sense, there is a frantic research of visual, sexual, sensual, poetic and even cringe/gore visions and new points of view because after all these years behind the screen humans need to be liberated.

In other words, digital culture is not a prison anymore, instead, is probably the key to freedom.

Trashy Muse collective and Filter Muse are the leaders of a revolution that we needed.


All credits of the amazing artists featured enclosed below.