Finally, there is no future.

Do you remember the boom of face filters? Let me recap: before there was Snapchat. Then it became kind of “cringe-worthy”, adult and teenagers all over the world were transforming themselves into animals, rainbow eaters and god please forgive me, the overly (in)famous dog ears – tongue out filter. Now in 2019, we are lucky enough to be experiencing another fast forward phase: the artistic use of face filters through digital art. And @FilterMuse, the “daughter” of Trashymuse is the pioneer of this phase.

@Trashymuse is a German artistic agency and community whose main aim is the union between digital world and reality, and here it’s when things get hot. In Paris, the 4th of July, the Berlin based artistic collective and agency together with Filter muse and @commercialmuse will present their branded fashion show during Fashion week 2020 in Paris at Ep7 gallery. It will be the WORLD’s 1st ever AR & VIRTUAL AVATAR FASHIONSHOW™ combined with Augmented Reality Facefilters as well as 3D elements on the 4th of July.

We are at a breaking point, this year not only the already known couture houses and brands will show their designs in the well known way we are used to but Virtual Avatars will walk their digital catwalks in designs by TRASHYMUSE and partners, while famous beauty bloggers, models & influencers will wear the most fashionable face masks & beauty accessories.
This is the beginning of a new chapter in an era where people demands and need inclusivity on every level, the show will be projected to the Ep 7 building in Paris and not in some so last season lavish castle.
This is the No Future we are talking about, destroy the old to create the new, this is our optimistic vision of new times in technology, art, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment: the first worldwide event where that will be a connection between fashion and humanity through 3D designers and AR as a medium.

If you are not in Paris these days anyway, no worries, just follow the live on Trashymuse’s IGTV.

Are you ready for the future?

Filter by creator muse @filipcustic1 Filtermuse model & artist: @jarmtz
@ep7paris gallery

Created by @samylacrapule for Trashymuse

Odyssey Instagram Camera effect by @johwska recorded by #filtermuse @alienhumanscum