The sex - the sex - the sex

The frequency of red fall in the range between 400 and 484 THz and there are 285 shades of it visible to the naked eye. Blood, violence, pride, love, roses, cut, exposed skin.

Do you remember the woman in the red dress in Matrix?

This is all about love and sex, devastating, wonderful.

Erotism and drama intersect in various points, extended to the nature of love and sex we have coexistence, separation, contradictions and conflicts, chaos, romantic madness, lust, soul mates.

The moment is almost cathartic, the breath stop to exist. 

Restlessness, passion. A violent and chaotic but always romantic, strong sense of conflict in both love, sex, life in this editorial from the new campaign of M. Shiuanz.

Photographer: Yu Cheng @yuchengstudio1227

Model: Sansa @sansa_x  Coral @cococoralcorona

Makeup: Nash Chen @nash_chen

Hair: Timo Kuo @timokuo801225

Designer: M shiuanz @mshiuanzwang