Venezia Hardcore

Since four years, in the middle of May, I spend my time in Marghera, a small residential city near Venice, Italy.

This city is mainly famous for the steel industries but since almost a decade is the home of one of the best Hardcore punk festival of Europe: I’m talking about the Venezia Hardcore Fest, two days of stages with bands from every part of the world.

The last years I came alone, I’ve always found friendly people, amazing friends, and sometimes also bromance.

This time, I’ve asked Carolina, an amazing Colombian photographer, to follow me to report what happens inside the fest.

The first day we arrived at CS Rivolta, the venue of the fest and all my friends were there, it’s always a pleasure to see your HC family.

We arrived late due to the bus we took from Milan, so there was just the time to say: “Glad to see you here, fucker” or“let’s drink a beer, fucker”, and we were already under the stage to mosh with the energy of the “Face Your Enemy”, a Neapolitan HC band.

The peculiarities of these guys are that they remember every single fan and they have always five minutes to talk with you.

The first time I’ve heard them live, they kick me out from the club because I was moshing too much.

Fun part of the story: the night was called “Mosh Party”.

Ok, it happens.

Ok, it happened too many times to me but probably just because of the blond hairs that are more visible in the dark and maybe because I jump everywhere (they usually think that I’m under tons of drugs).

Edit: I do not use drugs, not even weed.

The second time I saw them in Milan, they screamed: “You are the man that the security kicked out that night, I’m so sorry man for the situation, take our latest Ep for free”.

And of course, we drunk a beer together.

After this flashback, let’s go back to Marghera.


It was almost midnight, after Face Your Enemy, we saw the last band “Celeste”, French super HC band/thrash metal.

Then we went to parking a bit after the first day.

Parking means that we stay in the parking area outside the festival, drinking cheap beers or a disgusting essence called whiskey, around someone’s car that is more filled than a supermarket.

It’s a tradition that we do every year in fact probably parking is the main reason that brings us there, but who cares.


Second day – Breakfast time

My friend Massimo, an amazing undercover chef, made a cake with the initials of the fest, “VEHC”.

And fed us with a beer.

In the afternoon then started the true festival.

The fest is not so famous for the first day since they implemented it only a couple of years ago.

Fewer people, less band, less mess, so we could say it’s a sort of warm up.

Everyone usually arrives at 3/ 4 pm of the second day to enjoy the true festival, until 1 am.

Here I met crowds of other punks since every part of the world: Japan, France, Uk, and many others.

Inside the fest, there are two stages which work simultaneously, so you can enjoy more than 20+bands in the same place if your body can handle it.

Inside, there is a skating area, merchandising shacks, vegan options, a pizzeria and two drunk guys selling trash indie videogames.

(I’m talking about Giochi Penosi, but don’t worry, we’ll interview them soon).

Nicola and Alessandro created Grezzo2 a few years ago, it was a sort of Doom, full of bugs, with a lot of blasphemy, nazi and blood.

I loved it, even if my laptop crashed many times.

I recognized Nicola from his style; cowboy hat, sunglasses, cheetah print, he was screaming how the game works to the customers.

I tried to help them to set up a green screen but I wasn’t really able to work seriously at that time so I took a selfie and I was back under the stages.


The day went like this, bands which I don’t know any names, moshing, parking and stealing glasses of prosecco from random people.

This is probably one of my favourite event in all the year, I’m still fascinated by the spikes, the ugly t-shirts, the rotten boots, the piercings, the tattoos, the hugs, the backpacks full of beers, the crazy colors, the camping.

There is a perfect mixture of different styles of punk that have no age and it’s also a very safe place for kids and for families that love hardcore because everyone is extremely respectful.

Old school punks, straight edges, vegans, skinheads, skaters, there was every type of person.
Everything was amazing and also the Lidl near the venue was amazing too, where we were able to buy tons of beers for a few euros and being mocked by the counter girls.

At the end I could say that its a sort of Fight Club; everyone is hurted but very pleased to be there.

Me either because I’ve quit the festival earlier.

It all happened when one of the best Italian band Oi! Started to play, the Nabat.

Stano, the singer, kept the standard very high as always.

The problem was the fanbase that is used to mosh harder and without any rules.

When Nabat were younger, the supporters were probably thinner but after years of alcohol and bolognese sauce, their mass became huge as their desire to “enjoy” the concert.

I’ve heard Nabat twice and I’ve never seen a mosh like that.

Anyway, after a couple of songs, one of those heavy guys decided to stage dive on my neck. So, I’m not against stage diving, but only if you are a person that weigh less than 80 kgs.

So, I’m too tall and I’m always worried to fall in a bad way, so I’ll never stage dive, but if you’re a heavy fucker that wants to fly, be sure that people under the stage wants to hold you.

My neck was hurt so bad that my girlfriend and I had to retire to our bungalow and the festival ended miserably in this way for me.

But it could have been worse.

It could have been raining…and it rained a lot.



All photos by @CarolinaPrieto

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